With the continual rise in popularity of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), ONE FC, BELLATOR and other MMA organisations, increasing numbers of people are now following and participating in fitness training based around martial arts, or more specifically Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Loads of Traditional Martial Arts schools have realigned themselves to the benefits of cross training, as have local gyms opted to include MMA fit classes or get themselves certified  into programs even if it falls well short of the mark of what MMA is (pure marketing). 

It can be hard to distinguish or work out which training facilities actually provide legitimate MMA training with so many options out there and flashy advertising!  Alliance MMA is one of the few training facilities in Canberra offering legitimate MMA training. The training techniques and strategies provided by Alliance MMA are current, always evolving, consistent, and delivered professionally.

If you are planning on starting MMA, ensure you shop around, try a few places out, don’t simply join somewhere because your mate or friend trains there! Get a feel for the place, the instruction, the routines, the members and the details, make sure you do your research!

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